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16 Sep 2020 (Wed)
14 Oct 2020 (Wed)
9:00AM – 6:00PM
ACW Office
Room 2108, Island Place Tower
510 King's Road
North Point
Medium of Instruction:
Cantonese with
English terminology
Eric Moy
  Technical Manager of UDS and Range Instructor of Cyber Range Training Centre Limited  
Paul Chow
Senior Consultant
UDS Data Systems Ltd
Matthew Wan
Channel Systems Engineer
Palo Alto Networks
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This Next-Generation Blue Team (NGBT) training workshop provides a unique experience for the participants to learn individually and as a team by actually battling an adversary in real time, in a technical terrain emulating a realistic enterprise environment.
Under various attack scenarios, the participants will get hands-on experience working with various tools to analyze and respond to cyberattacks happening in the environment. Our instructors will direct the blue team step by step in uncovering the attacker’s techniques and footprints, and then work to eradicate the adversary from the compromised system. Moreover, participants will have firsthand experience with the latest security operations (SecOps) technologies like SOAR*, which can be utilized to take incident response to the next level.
* Security Orchestration, Automation and Response
Through real-time attack scenarios like “web defacement” and ransomware, we will demonstrate how cyberattack incidents should be handled.
During this workshop, participants will:
Learn the standard incident response (IR) process
Find out how to respond when an incident occurs
Share knowledge and responsibilities within a team
Advance their skills on servers and network forensics
Gain hands-on experience with brute-force, web defacement, ransomware, etc.
Understand how to use tools like Cortex™ XSOAR improve the (IR) process
AM Session:
Introduction by CyberRange
Web defacement & ransomware showcase
Product Introduction of Palo Alto Networks
PM Session:
Hands-on Lab with XSOAR playbook design
For RSVP or enquiries, please call us at (852) 3619 4978 or email to enquiry@acw-group.com.hk
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