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Managing Your Workforce in your Fingertips
The latest survey in 2011 from authoritative institution reveals that the numbers of workforce focusing on overall turnover and vacancy rates are 18.9% and 27.8% , those are extremely much higher than the figure in 2010. Being a Human Resource Specialist as you, what are those percentages affecting YOU?

Processing turnover and recruitment?
Examining the performance of employees?
Reporting the ROI and figure to executive?
Complying different labour laws in different regions?
Calculating compensation, leave, MPF, minimum wage, for different branches and working shifts?
Handling numerous paper works, e.g. company announcement, application form, etc.?
Transforming numerous source data to useful information for decision-making?

With the help of I.T. distinguished solutions, you might able to promptly and accurately handle the above incidents. We sincerely invite you to sharing your experiences with us to further discuss the challenges and solutions for the high staff turnover and vacancy rates.

 +852 3111 2905/ events@acw-group.com.hk


18 April 2012 (Wednesday)


ACW Solution Centre
16/F Island Place Tower,
510 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
(MTR North Point Exit B)

Cantonese with English Terminology

Target Audiences:

HR Professions, IT Managers

Limited Seat
(first-come, first-served)


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